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Tune-Up Services in Stillwater, Minnesota

Get in tune with Certified Transmission and Total Car Care's Tune-up services in Stillwater, MN. Regular engine tune-ups for your car, truck or SUVs help improve your gas mileage and engine performance while conserving the environment by lowering emissions. At Certified Transmission and Total Car Care, we understand that tune-ups are an important part of your routine vehicle maintenance, to keep your car strong and its life extend.

When should you get a tune-up?

Your vehicle is made of various complex components that work together to ensure it starts and runs properly. These components can wear out and result in reduced performance and fuel economy. Tune-ups should be scheduled soon if you notice any of the following:

  • Decreased gas mileage
  • Loss of power or torque/compromised power
  • Engine sound like it's running roughly and stalls at stops
  • Engine knocking or pinging sounds during acceleration or when the ignition is turned off
  • Check engine light remains on after your initial start

Our Services

Our tune-up services in Stillwater are geared towards ensuring that the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and computer system all work together in perfect harmony.

Every engine comes with its unique set of needs. Our ASE certified technicians are skilled in offering a comprehensive inspection to help you determine the right tune-up service for your car based on the past usage and typical driving conditions. With over 14 years of experience, our professionals are very knowledgeable and are trained to work on current high-tech engines using state of the art diagnostic equipment to identify hidden problems and worn parts.

Among the services we provide include:

  • Inspection of entire engine and its mechanism
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Air and fuel filter replacement
  • Analysis of emission levels
  • Adjustment of timing and idle setting
  • Adjustment of the clutch (on manual transmission vehicles)
  • Fuel system cleaning service
  • 12,000-mile/12-month nation-wide warranty

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