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Early Warning Symptoms

Some common symptoms of beginning transmission malfunctions are easily recognized. Many are of a minor nature if diagnosed early.

  1. Delayed engagement into forward or reverse, especially on cold mornings.
  2. Engine races then catches up at stop signs or going around corners.
  3. The vehicle lacks power and possibly starts in the wrong gear. Sometimes the transmission may be stuck in one gear with no up-shift.
  4. Red-colored oil may accumulate on garage floor or other areas where you park the car often. It generally will be at the middle or front portion of the car.
  5. Excessively hard or easy gear changes can be accompanied by slippage out of gear and loss of fuel economy.
  6. Check Engine or Check Transmission light is on or flashing.
  7. Burning smell while driving.
  8. Low or discolored fluid.
  9. Growling noise or howling while driving.
  10. Engine races in between shifts.

Treating any of these symptoms early enough can prevent a major repair. Call or stop in and make an appointment today.

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